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There is something special when as an individual or a couple you plan on designing or remodeling a bathroom. However, it’s almost impossible to make the most of this space, in style, without the help of a professional bathroom remodeling contractor.

Our team provides an entire array of services connected to these projects – fully customized designs, product supply and incredible mastership during the installation work; all these recommend us as a top choice for all your bathroom renovation needs. We are completely licensed, insured and all the work we do is guaranteed and comes with a warranty.

Bathroom Planning

We believe bathroom design is more than simply creating a beautiful space – a remodeled bathroom should be both aesthetic and functional. Our team always starts with thoughtful planning, to ensure your bathroom is built to last for decades – in our work, we integrate a wide variety of factors – the function of the bathroom, the size, who will be using the bathroom and how often.
Bathroom Planning
Bathroom Installation

Bathroom Installation

We have prepared a detailed installation process – from design to final completion. We use a roadmap so that everyone agrees on the price, the project start and end date – we give guidance on the best methods to choosing an appropriate design, which products and materials are best suited for each project etc.

In doing so, we make sure all steps receive proper attention and no details are left behind; This includes: cabinetry, electrical, plumbing, hardware, tubs, showers doors, flooring, countertop, sink/faucet installation and even painting services.

Bathroom Modification

Transforming an old bathroom into something new is no easy task, for most homeowners,that is why we are always prepared to make recommendations, help you choose the proper materials, installations and bathroom products. Regardless of the project (small adjustments or a major bathroom overhaul), the transition of the style (from transitional to contemporary designs), our team is best prepared to modify your current bathroom into a space that meets your vision and your needs.

Learn more about our certifications and guarantees below and watch some of our clients’ testimonials:

Bathroom Modification

Self 3D Design

If you like to put your creativity to work, we would love to see the result of the design and give you a quota for implementing it. We trust in your taste and we would like to help your ideas come to life!

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