Create a more masculine bathroom with these tips

When arranging the bathroom, the main objective is to make it as functional as possible, having the basic elements of such a space: washbasin, toilet bowl, bathtub, in a decoration as neutral as possible to please the family members. If we had two or more bathrooms, we could look at the arrangement depending on the […]

Top eight common bathroom renovation mistakes exposed! (Part 2)

In the previous blog post that we’ve posted about common bathroom remodeling mistakes, we discussed how issues with financial planning, budget, needs and space can make for a poor result that you’re unlikely to be happy with. However, the list has many more items!   More frequent bathroom remodeling mistakes all homeowners should avoid 1. Inefficiently […]

Top eight common bathroom renovation mistakes, exposed!

Are you simply thinking of replacing an old-fashioned set of tiles? Or possibly renovating your entire home and completely transforming your bathroom? Either way, this project of yours could be quite costly in terms of money, time and stress. To avoid this, everything should come out perfectly at first, without having to go back over […]

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