Create a more masculine bathroom with these tips

When arranging the bathroom, the main objective is to make it as functional as possible, having the basic elements of such a space: washbasin, toilet bowl, bathtub, in a decoration as neutral as possible to please the family members. If we had two or more bathrooms, we could look at the arrangement depending on the person or people who use the bathrooms more often. For example, one of the bathrooms in the house could be the gentleman’s bathroom, arranged according to his wishes.

Certainly, the ladies might prefer a more spacious bathroom, with a large mirror, with a tub in which to pamper themselves at the end of a full day, spaces to store the various products of care and cosmetics.

A gentleman’s guidelines – simpleness and coherence

Unlike that of a lady, a man’s bathroom is shaped around elements such as simplicity and efficiency. The storage space is reduced to the minimum of the objects used everyday: toothbrush and toothpaste, a deodorant, shaving foam and / or shaver. Ideally, all these products can be stored on a single shelf or in a small cupboard.

Instead of a bathtub (which takes up more space), a shower is ideal for the more pragmatic nature of a gentleman. The new types of cabins, with direct drainage on the floor and with secure glass doors, adapt very well for a small bathroom, as it usually happens to be the second bathroom of a home.

Choose a pedestal-free washbasin, possibly with a small storage space underneath. Thus, the gentleman can store here all that he needs for his own care without keeping them permanently in a visible place (and also avoid the clutter).

Light is important in any bathroom. The gentleman’s bathroom is no exception. When shaving, he needs strong light to comfort the eyes and remove shadows. Depending on the case, precision lighting can be installed in the shower area, in the form of recessed spotlights suitable for a humid environment.

Colors and final touches

As for the finishes, a gentleman’s bathroom keeps a neutral, slightly more sober tone, tiles with gray or even matte black accents (especially for the floor area). A variant in trends that fits well in the arrangement of bathrooms is that of ceramic tiles that mimic the appearance of natural stone. You can even choose a wooden countertop as a sink support, a wood as raw as possible, oiled and specially treated to withstand the humidity in the bathroom. It is an elegant option suitable for a men’s bathroom.

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