Top eight common bathroom renovation mistakes exposed! (Part 2)

In the previous blog post that we’ve posted about common bathroom remodeling mistakes, we discussed how issues with financial planning, budget, needs and space can make for a poor result that you’re unlikely to be happy with. However, the list has many more items!  

More frequent bathroom remodeling mistakes all homeowners should avoid

1. Inefficiently organizing the elements in the bathroom

Once you purchase the needed items, you should proceed with their harmonious arrangement. Because each bathroom is unique in terms of size and design, this step varies from case to case.  

Our suggestion is to spend a few hours checking the dimensions of each object, thinking about where and how you want to place it and considering whether it can be used effectively. For example, if you opt in for a larger shower placed next to the bidet, you have every chance of getting annoyed every time you walk in and out of the shower. Think smart!

2. Prioritizing trends, not functionality

There is nothing wrong with following the trends in bathroom interior design – the latest trends in sanitary ware, ceramic wall and floor tiles, wallpaper or color palettes. However, it’s impossible to renovate your bathroom only from an aesthetic point of view. Mural art, for example, can be a source of inspiration for some, but a total inhibition for others, so we suggest you choose your future design carefully. Moreover, if you are guided only by trends – the value of the whole house could decrease significantly (when you might decide to sell the property).

3. Wrong materials

The bathroom has to deal with a very high degree of humidity; also it has to stand up to strong substances used to clean sanitary ware, walls and floors, so we can realize that not all materials are suitable for our bathroom.

Take into account the permeability/porosity of the materials and the protective layer on the surface. 

Fortunately, the market offers you a variety of tiles that you can choose from and that will compliment your bathroom, both aesthetically and practically. However, our advice is to find out as much as possible about the longevity of the materials and how they should be maintained before making a purchase. Make sure you choose the right product!

4. Improper use of lights

Similar to the kitchen, the activities you perform here – the morning and evening routine of your skin, your make-up or your bathtub reading – require a strong light. Think of the lights around your mirror. Decide how to arrange the mirror and the suspended lighting bodies.

If you do not have natural light, you will need a strong lighting system. In addition to the main light, you can add ambient lamps, mirrors with built-in light, candles or spotlights, which you can place according to your tastes – either on the entire ceiling or just above the sink and shower.

5. Neglecting the storage space

Consider the number of people who will use the bathroom regularly. A person who lives alone will need a specific space and a completely different one if we are talking about a family with two children and a pet. Ignoring these aspects which will clutter your bathroom and will ruin the entire design.

Transforming an old bathroom into something new is no easy task! That is why we at Bathplan.co.uk are always prepared to make recommendations, help you choose the proper materials, installations/ bathroom products and do all the work. For a free, no-obligation bathroom design consultation, get in touch with our team!


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