Top eight common bathroom renovation mistakes, exposed!

Are you simply thinking of replacing an old-fashioned set of tiles? Or possibly renovating your entire home and completely transforming your bathroom? Either way, this project of yours could be quite costly in terms of money, time and stress. To avoid this, everything should come out perfectly at first, without having to go back over the work and redo the aspects that did not come out to your liking.

Discover today some of the most common mistakes in remodeling a bathroom – what better way to learn of the issues that can affect your interior design process! Never forget – the ultimate goal is to have a functional bathroom that lasts for decades, that highlights your personality and meets your needs.

So here are the first three of the most common mistakes in renovating a bathroom:

1. You have an unrealistic financial plan

Setting a budget for this project seems like an impossible task? Dreaming of a luxurious bathroom? The costs will double or triple. Make a list that presents the changes/ products that are absolutely necessary and then add any features you might like.

Analyze your financial situation and the balance of your bank account. Then write down the maximum amount of money you are willing to spend and try to make choices that always relate to what you set out to do from the beginning. This way, you will avoid unnecessary stress, and the planning process will be a pleasant one for you.

2. You focus on a fixed amount

 Of course, setting an initial budget is essential for the proper execution of the work, but don’t guide your decisions based only by the price. Doing so, you may have an extremely limited number of options to choose from and, in the end, you may be disappointed with the whole work.

Instead, make a general estimate of the renovation, depending on the size of your bathroom. Based on that, choose products that fit your budget and you like. And with a few adjustments (choosing a similar tile, but with a slightly lower price, or a less expensive toilet bowl) will enable you to reach the initially set budget.

That way you win three times! You keep your budget in the limits, use good materials, proper sanitary and furniture and you also customize your bathroom, outlining a representative design. Of course, you will certainly have to put in the effort and dedicate time to the whole planning and work closely with the team of craftsmen, but in the end you will have the certainty of a satisfactory job.

3. You don’t prioritize needs and space

This may be one of the most common mistakes in a bathroom remodeling process. The vast majority of people dream of huge bathrooms, with voluminous furniture and vintage decorations, in a rustic, modern or minimalist style. The problem is that they lose sight of the essential factor: the usefulness and functionality of the room. 

How to prevent this? Start by making a list of the exact sanitary ware, furniture and personal care, cosmetics, or cleaning products you want stored in your bathroom. Then classify them according to their priority. For example, it is absolutely necessary to have a toilet bowl, write this one at the top of the list, unlike the bidet – without which you can live. In the end, you’ll be amazed at how few things you really need and how easily you can avoid unnecessary overcrowding.

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